User Guide - Volumetric Film Grain

Volumetric Film Grain

Film Grain simulation showcase in - volumetric 3d grain distribution based on digital image.

Grain is the foundation of the film structure emulation in Rather than overlaying grain textures like most other software, the structure emulator deconstructs your photos and rebuilds them pixel-by-pixel using synthetically generated granules. This results in an incredibly organic look because the underlying pixel structure of digital images is entirely reconstructed to match the grain distribution, density, rotation, size, and color gradation of real film.

Realistic Kodak Film Grain emulated with film emulation tools

Easily change the density, size and colorfulness (chroma) of the grain with intuitive UI sliders. Like everything else, the heavy lifting is done at the engine level while the UI controls give you the power to dial in the perfect look for your images.

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