User Guide - Color Grading Tools

Precise tools for stunning color

Color Grading and Film Emulation app interface components like curves, color wheels and masks

Welcome to the heart of - the color grading tools. This section of the user guide dives deep into how these tools can be used to dramatically enhance your photographic and cinematic work while removing many of the complexities associated with traditional color grading and look development.

Under the hood, is driven by a color engine that models the light response of analog film. The goal of the grading tools, is to make the complexities of this film-derived math accessible and intuitive. With the color grading interface controls, you can tap directly into the color engine in a visual way to modify presets, develop your own film emulations, and shape every aspect of your images for unparalleled richness in tone and color density.

This guide will support you in understanding and using these tools to their full potential.

Color Grading Tools Overview

Remember, every tool in is designed to help you create natural, film-like color grades with the utmost precision and flexibility. The secret to mastering lies in understanding how each tool fits into this philosophy and your workflows.

With practice and experimentation, you'll soon find that these tools offer a level of control and sophistication that will help you get the best color out of your images. So, let's dive deeper and start exploring these tools!

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