Free Online 3D LUT Converter

Visualize & Convert 3D LUTs.

Visualize, preview and convert 3D LUTs for color grading. Export your LUTs to many file formats for free, directly in your browser. No sign up required.

What is the LUT converter?

This LUT converter is a free and essential tool for filmmakers, video professionals and game designers working with 3D LUTs. LUTs are used by colorists, editors, and cinematographers in various workflow. This free online LUT converter allows you to easily change the size of LUTs and convert LUTs to different formats.

What formats are supported?

This LUT converter can convert LUTs for many applications and devices. You can select your preferred format from a drop-down menu that offers a wide range of options.
From Davinci Resolve to Photoshop, from Canon CLUT to Unity, the LUT Converter supports them all.

Here's a detailed list of all the formats you can convert your LUTs to using LUT Converter:

- LUT for Davinci Resolve
- LUT for Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects
- LUTs for Final Cut Pro
- LUTs for Affinity Photo
-  LUTs for Darktable
- LUTs for LumaFusion
- OpenColorIO spi3d LUTs

Additionally, you can convert LUTs for many cameras and on-set monitors:

- LUTs for Canon Cameras (clut)
- LUTs for Blackmagic Cameras
- Blackmagic Video Assist LUTs
-  LUTs for Arri Color Tool
- LUTs for Panasonic Varicam

You can also convert LUTs to Unreal Engine, Unity, and Cinema 4D with Redshift renderer and generate Hald CLUT textures in different formats and LUT sizes.

How to resize LUTs?

Simply load one or multiple LUTs into the free online LUT converter, select an output format and set the desired LUT size. The tool automatically selects the best LUT size for the application or device you have selected. For upscaling the tool uses best-in-class tetrahedral interpolation and for downscaling trilinear interpolation routines for the best results.

How to preview LUTs?

You can preview LUTs on your own images with our free online LUT preview tool. Simply load one or multiple LUTs into the tool. You can also load your own preview image. When you select a LUT from the list, it will be applied to the image. The LUT is also displayed as a 2D HaldCLUT below the image, a 3 channel RGB curve and a gradient ramp to easily evaluate contrast and color shifts in a given LUT.

How can I create my own LUTs for color grading?

Besides this free LUT converter, is offering more advanced online tools for color grading and raw image development that run directly in your web browser. You can use to develop raw images and to create your own 3D LUTs and DCTLs for color grading films, games and videos.