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The complete guide to master the color grading and film emulation tools in Whether teaching yourself or others, the official user guide is your resource for discovering the fundamentals of Get to grips with color tools, film terminology, 3D LUTs and more in this easy and practical guide.

Match AI - Support

To make suggestions or report bugs for Match AI, please launch the feedback board directly from within the app. Open the left side menu in Match AI, then tap Feedback Board.

VisionColor Support

Get help with downloading, installing and troubleshooting VisionColor products and LUTs.

Restore past purchase(s)

You can migrate licenses from VisionColor products to, even if you purchased VisionColor LUTs from Color Grading Central in the past. All you have to do is create a new Account by signing up here. In your account dashboard, go to the Orders & Subscriptions page and find the Restore Purchase section at the bottom. Enter your invoice details and click Import.

Import not working? Make sure to enter the email address that your invoice has been delivered to. This is usually not  your PayPal email. Make sure to enter the Invoice Number, not the transaction code. After clicking import, try to reload the page and go to the account dashboard to see if you have any active licenses. If nothing is working, please don't hesitate to contact support below.

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