Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything...

Photon™ is color grading reimagined.
From the ground up. In 3D.

Say hello to the future of color.

Meet the worlds first 3D color grading tool for MacOS, Windows and Davinci Resolve.

Photon™ makes it easier than ever to bring your vision of color to life with a truly revolutionary approach to grading. Shape color unlike ever before with a fully interactive 3D color engine, proprietary color science and next-generation tools built from the ground up to redefine modern grading. Think LUTs. If LUTs where visual and fully dynamic. Think better, faster and easier color grading without compromise.

Early access to Photon™ is available as a standalone application that optionally plugs directly into Davinci Resolve via OFX.

Create stunning looks - faster than you can say LUT.

From the beginning of time, color grading has been plagued by complexity or limitation. Photon™ solves this dilemma. How? By enabling you to work with color in its natural three-dimensional state. Simple color adjustments become even simpler. Complex non-linear multi-dimensional adjustments become tangible and intuitive. You can think of Photon as a fully interactive 3D LUT. Equipped with every tool you need to shape every aspect of color Photon gives you the power to create the most stunning grades. Simpler, faster and with less limitation than ever before.


Next generation grading tool for building and editing industry standard LUTs in a revolutionary 3D UI.

Standalone &
OFX Plugin

Standalone versions plus OFX connector Plugin for Davinci Resolve with hardware optimized rendering.

Shape color more intuitively than ever before.

Rotating the hue of the entire color space is a really simple operation with most color grading tools.
In Photon you simply twist the colors around the center and get live visual feedback of all affected pixels.
Like most large-scale adjustments made in global mode, Photon applies smart gradual weights to the area you
are currently targeting to create smooth falloffs with incredibly dynamic color behaviour.

Drag any color - anywhere.

Grading with Photon is like shaping a 3D vectorscope in realtime. Forget layers, nodes or other sequential processes that were never designed for color grading in the first place. In Photon, all adjustments are aware of each other by design. You never get unexpected results when you're bending colors in new directions. Want to increase saturation? Simply expand colors away from the center. Change brightness? Drag up or down. No matter how many adjustments you make, it's all just one shape and all transformations across all color ranges  automatically flow through a color model that is algorithmically optimized for maximum color stability and smoothness.

Create complex transformations by hand.

"Make bright blue colors that are also high in saturation a little darker and introduce just a little bit of cyan."
Analog film and good 3D LUTs that emulate it do these kinds of complex color transformations that are incredibly difficult to achieve using manual grading tools. Until now. Photon allows you to make complex multi-dimensional color transformations more easily than any other tool.

Massively parallel.

Photon™ is built like a modern game engine and renders millions of polygons for accurate 3D point cloud visualization and simultaneous grade feedback without breaking a sweat. Hardware optimized for 60 FPS realtime - no matter how many adjustments you make.

Smooth. By default.

Photon™ comes with proprietary color science that is optimized for perceptual smoothness and color coalescence mimicking the behavioural properties of analog film. It's not a film emulator by any means - color transitions and transformations simply look better out of the box.

LUTs? Evolved.

Photon™ is the first tool to visually build, edit, smooth and combine industry standard LUTs with advanced 3D algorithms and shaping tools. You read that right. You can finally look inside your favorite LUTs with best-in-class virtualization and tweak them in ways never before possible. Import, mix, shape, export, go.

See it in action

What you see is exactly what you get.

Photon™ quick introduction articles and tutorials are available on This is also were you can get in touch with the developers to suggest features, report bugs and connect with other users.

See all Quick Introduction Tutorials»

is brand new and changes frequently with each new update we release. This also means that some of the user interface components in the tutorials below might already look different in the current version. Still, this quick introduction should give you a general overview of some of the core functions and get you up and running with the application. Make sure to head over to » where we've written in-depth descriptions to accompany these (currently completely silent) videos. The hub is also where you can ask us any questions, discuss your ideas and feature request and submit nagging bugs.

Work directly on the image. Get instant 3D feedback.
Or the other way around.

Tools are nice. We agree. But what you really care about is the image.

With Photon™ you can make complex 3D color adjustments anywhere. Need to make quick tweaks? Drag directly over the image in global mode ». Need surgical precision? Fly into the color space and make fine-grained adjustments to a keyed color range ». In fact, you can use all of the shaping tools for all color ranges on both the image and in the 3D interface.
With powerful two-way binding and GPU accelerated rendering, every pixel updates instantaneously no matter where you work. Image color data is automatically translated into 3D coordinates and vice-versa. Photon™ gives you unprecedented control by combining advanced 3D color visualization with complete interactivity.

Easily create color clusters and transform them using next-generation tools while getting instant 3D feedback. Thanks to the geometric properties of the Photon™ color model, all transformations are naturally smooth, break less often and allow you to focus on what matters most.

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Export your grades from Photon directly into any application that supports 3D LUTs.

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We commit ourselves to giving you the best and most reliable 3D color grading tool out there. This is why we are launching a limited number of Photon™ licenses into paid public beta.

We believe this to be the most transparent and rewarding deal for both you and our team. You get a full license for the final product including 2 years of updates and support at half the estimated final price. In turn your contribution helps us release frequent updates, discover bugs and implement feature requests.

In short, you help us create the best possible product for you and everyone else. And we give you the most powerful 3D color grading tool in existence - with our dedicated commitment to make it more and more perfect with every update we deliver.

System Requirements

Windows 10 or MacOS (10.13 High Sierra or higher)
Processor: 64-Bit Processor with two Cores
GPU: OpenGL 3.2 and OpenCL 1.2 compatible GPU with 2 GB dedicated VRAM
Monitor: Resolution of 1920 x 1080 or higher

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