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Hi, I'm Jonathan. Not a conglomerate, not a room full of developers, just one person who wears all the hats here at From writing every line of code to crafting website copy, from design to the underlying mechanics, it's all me.

I began my creative journey as a soundtrack composer, dabbled in VFX for a while and have been fascinated with photography and art for as long as I can remember. As an artist, like many of you, I constantly found myself in need for better creative tools. This is why I created

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Portrait of Jonathan Ochmann, CEO of Headquarters - color science tools, cameras and measuring devices on a table
Color Scientist examining analog film negatives
Self portrait in car mirror is proudly Small-Tech. I turned down $6m+ in funding because I want to create a tool for artists like you and me, and no-one else.

Tools for Film Emulation - True analog film color and texture emulation

With no venture capital or external investors to dictate its course, is 100% independent. You, the user, are the only stakeholder. I'm creating this tool for artists like you and me, and no-one else. There are enough tools that do everything in an attempt to please everyone. The problem with these tools is that they always feel more corporate than creative. This is why I turned down $6m+ in venture capital funding.

The lifeblood of is our small but dedicated user community, spreading the word, and championing our vision of color that helps us tell our stories!

Built on open standards proudly stands on the shoulders of the ACES color science framework, because I believe in open source and standards over platform or vendor lock-in. is browser-native software. I hope this level of openness and access will extend far beyond color grading or photography. We can’t allow hardware, specialized tools, and titles to block that progress. As technologists, we have a responsibility to make it so that more people can use our platforms, not fewer. What I’ve seen over the past ten years is that the browser is the medium to ignite that impact.

No vendor lock-in outputs color-managed 3D Lookup Tables, an open standard compatible with applications everywhere. These files are your creative legacy — they live on your local device and won't be locked to a single platform or tied to any tool or service. This will make them stand the test of time. Your work should be yours, forever.

Enterprise-grade infrastructure

While may be the brainchild of a solo developer, the standards are anything but singular. I've invested heavily in enterprise-grade resources, ensuring application, authentication and data servers are always up and running. is served through a tier-1 global network with over 3000 ISPs on 6 continents. I've spent three years building a WebGL render engine and a reactive web component framework to bring industry-standard image processing to the web with scalability and truly groundbreaking performance. has been featured by Apple and is used on major blockbuster movies, independent films, video games and TV-shows by the world's leading brands and creatives. The signature analog color processing is embedded into enterprise-level video software and countless presets and LUTs available from third party vendors.

Logos of brands using tools and productsColor scientist at VisionColor examining film negatives over a light table

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With you can edit images and build 3D LUTs with a powerful online raw developer and analog film look designer for photographers and filmmakers. Craft stunning film color in record time that works for any camera, in any software and on any device, directly in your browser.