User Guide - Spatial Volume

Spatial Volume: Filmic saturation and brightness

The Spatial Volume tool in offers a convenient way to change color density and luminance distribution of an image in a single XY control: Dragging the point across the X-Axis changes color density. Color density is similar to saturation or vibrance in traditional color grading terminology and determines the intensity of colors. The density model used by however uses non-linear retainers and stabilizers that create a film-like saturation response.

Dragging the point all the way to the left will fully desaturate the image and create a black and white base. Dragging it all the way to the right will give colors a density boost without blowing out color channels like traditional saturation controls.

Dragging the point across the Y-Axis shifts the luminance distribution around and is a convenient way to softly brighten up the shadows or darken the highlights of an image. Similar to the density control, the response behaviour of this control is highly non-linear and protects both shadows and highlights from clipping.

Shortcuts: Like most tools in you can restrict drag direction to the X-Axis by holding down the shift key on your keyboard while dragging a point. Hold down the CMD key (Mac) or CTRL key (Win) to restrict movement to the Y-Axis. Double click a point to reset it to its origin.

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