User Guide - Export Images

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Once you've masterfully fine-tuned your image with's color grading and film emulation tools, the final step is exporting your creation. Don't worry - exporting is as easy and user-friendly as every other feature in

Choosing an export format gives you the flexibility to choose from different file formats to meet your specific needs. You can select from lossless PNG or TIFF if you require the highest quality and don't want to compromise any detail. On the other hand, if you need a smaller file size for exporting directly for the web, you can choose to export your image as a JPEG with low, medium, or high compression quality options.

Note that not all export formats, resolutions and compression settings are available on the free plan. Lossless and full resolution exports are only available for Pro users.

Pro Tip: When it comes to preserving your image's top quality while maintaining broad compatibility and manageable file sizes, PNG should be your go-to. A little known fact is that PNG outshines TIFF by delivering supreme quality in a more compact, smaller file size. In the modern digital landscape, PNG enjoys widespread support across various platforms and applications, making it a highly convenient choice for sharing and displaying your images.

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