Screens showing color grading software that works on Windows, Mac and iPad. - Alternative to Davinci REsolve for Photographers

A color grading app for photography workflows. is a color grading and film look creation tool specifically designed for photography workflows. With advanced film-derived color science and grading controls, getting a true film look for RAW images has never been more accessible.

Color GRading App For Photographers and Cinematographers

A simpler way to stunning color. is a look development tool powered by analog color science that makes it easier than ever to create cinema-grade color and texture for your photos.

Film Engine
RAW Processing
3D LUT Export
A horizontal strip of film images and movie frames aligned next to each other. Cinematic colors and compositionA horizontal strip of film images and movie frames aligned next to each other. Cinematic colors and composition

True film color (and texture) emulation. is a standalone raw image editor and film look development tool that offers advanced color grading features for photographers, cinematographers, and artists of all skill levels. Craft signature looks with a color engine that has been engineered for exceptional color stability and smoothness. Easily create custom LUTs that plug right into your post processing workflows - from DaVinci Resolve to Adobe Photoshop and many other applications.

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3D LUT creator app showcasing film color emulation gamuts in ACES
Analog Color Engine is not just another film emulation plugin. It's a standalone app where every control is driven by an engine that models the non-linear light response of film. The result is painterly color that hardly ever breaks, even when you push the gamut to the extreme. Learn More

32-bit Float
Parametric Film Tools
ACES © Color Managed

Native ACES © HDR compliant color management enables cutting-edge color that looks and behaves the same everywhere. Any look you create with automatically works for current and future cameras, monitors and most third party software, including Davinci Resolve 18 and up.

ACES Color Managed
LUT Generator
Color Grading Software for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and iPad showcased on various devices with cinematic images.
Adaptive AI Presets

Build looks from scratch or fully customize any aspect of the included film emulations to match your unique taste and vision. Presets dynamically adapt to your images and offer unlimited AI guided variations. Export them as 3D LUTs into third party applications for fully color managed workflows.

HDR Compatible

What makes a great alternative to Davinci Resolve for Photographers? provides a simplified and intuitive user experience, making it easier to achieve professional-looking color grades without having to navigate a complex and confusing node based interface. The software’s exclusive focus on color grading also means that photographers can achieve their desired color grades faster while staying in the creative zone, something that's really hard with DaVinci Resolve. Additionally,’s web-based platform offers a flexible and accessible solution for filmmakers and photographers, allowing them to color grade from anywhere, on any device.

Why should photographers consider as an alternative to DaVinci Resolve?

If you’re a photographer looking for a specialized and easy-to-use tool for color grading, is a great alternative to DaVinci Resolve. The software’s focus on natural and photographic film-like colors, combined with its simplified user experience, makes it a highly effective tool for achieving professional-looking color grades. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur just starting out, provides an accessible and efficient solution for all your color grading needs.

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"The next best thing to shooting on film!" empowers photographers, filmmakers, colorists and artists at all skill levels to craft their unique vision of color. Our color science and film  design tools are trusted by the world's leading brands and creatives for unparalleled color depth and visual impact.

Logos of brands and companies who have used tools for their visual content like Apple, Netflix, Universal Studios and MTV's color science and tools are trusted by the world's leading creators and brands.
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Join thousands of filmmakers, photographers, colorists and artists at all skill levels  who craft their cinematic vision of color with the most widely adapted film emulations and highly regarded color grading tools  across various industries.
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A long strip of film photos with dense and vibrant, filmic colors, grain and film halation. A long strip of film photos with dense and vibrant, filmic colors, grain and film halation.