Match AI - Requirements


- Hardware and Browser

Match AI is a progressive web application (PWA). That's a fancy term for software that runs inside your browser. PWAs can also be installed just like native apps on many devices. Here's a frequently updated list of compatible devices and browsers:

Browsers and Operating Systems

Match AI uses WebGL (Web Graphics Library) to handle rendering. WebGL has relatively low graphical requirements which means it runs well on most browsers and devices.

The minimum browser requirements are:
- Chrome 64+
- Firefox 78+
- Safari 13+
- Microsoft Edge 79+

The minimum operating system (OS) requirements are:
- Windows 8.1 or later
- Apple MacOS 10.12 (macOS Sierra) and later
- Any Linux OS that supports the browsers mentioned above
- Any Chrome OS that supports the browsers mentioned above
- Apple iOS 13 and later with Safari
- Apple iPadOS 13 and later with Safari
- Android 10 and later (though highly dependent on GPU, see below)

Graphics Cards (GPU)

On Windows and Linux, OS and device driver updates are often required to keep performance optimal. On MacOS (Apple), any OS releases update Safari and provide bug fixes related to WebGL. While Match AI doesn’t restrict the use of specific graphics cards, individual browser support may prevent you from using Match AI on a specific browser. We recommend using the minimum operating system requirements as a guide instead.

Integrated and dedicated GPUs

Some newer laptops will have both a dedicated card (Nvidia or AMD) and an integrated card (Intel or AMD). If you have a dual-GPU laptop, you can choose to use the dedicated GPU over the integrated GPU. This will result in improved performance in Match AI, but might increase your battery consumption.

Match AI is unable to provide support or troubleshooting around dedicated graphics cards. For help with using a dedicated GPU, we recommend the following resources:

- Find out which graphics processor is in use on your MacBook Pro
- Set graphics performance on MacBook Pro (Disable Automatic switching)

Other Match users have had success with gfxcardstatus app, which allows you to switch between dedicated and integrated GPU. gfxCardStatus is not endorsed by

Windows (Nvidia):
In the Nvidia control panel set chrome.exe to use discrete graphics card.

Windows (AMD):
In the AMD control panel set chrome.exe to use discrete graphics card.

Mobile requirements

Match AI uses state-of-the-art web technologies that are fully supported on many mobile devices and operating systems.

We recommend using Match AI on devices that have sufficient graphics processing power. These are usually higher end devices. The following list of device/browser combinations are tested and working.

- iPhone 10 (iOS 13+, Safari)
- iPhone 11/Pro/Max (iOS 13+, Safari)
- iPhone 12/Pro/Max (iOS 14+, Safari)
- iPhone 13/Pro/Max (iOS 15+, Safari)

- iPad (2019 and later, iOS 13+, Safari)
- iPad Air (2019 and later, iOS 13+, Safari)
- iPad Pro (2019 and later, iOS 13+, Safari)
- iPad mini (2019 and later, iOS 13+, Safari)

We can not provide a full list of devices because there are too many. Generally though, only high end Android devices come with sufficiently powerful GPUs that are capable of handling some of the functionality required by Match AI (such as 32-bit float processing). Non supported devices will show a black screen when attempting to load images or fail otherwise.

Some examples of supported Android devices:

- Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus/Ultra
- Google Pixel 6
- Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
- Huawai MatePad Pro

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