Color matching app on iPad and iPhone

Match™ Colors

from any Image.

With Match™ you can copy colors from one image to another. Auto-generate filters with unparalleled machine enhanced accuracy and continue working in your favorite color correction software.

Match Colors directly from Instagram.

That's 50+ billion filters in your pocket.

Our lightning fast, machine enhanced algorithm  lets you automagically extract filters directly from your favorite Instagram accounts.

Just type in a name, click on a post and you're done. Match is the fastest and most intuitive color correction tool ever. And every new post on Instagram means a new free filter for you. That's about 50 million new filters per day.

Export LUTs to Photon
Export LUTs anywhere*

Match directly in your browser.

Work on any device - even offline.

Match is a Progressive Web Application that works almost anywhere. When you add it to your homescreen on iOS or Android it launches in full screen mode and works offline.

* To install Match as a mobile app make sure to use the native browser of your device - Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android.
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