Match  - AI Color Grading App

Incredible Color. Incredibly easy.

Extract colors from reference images and apply them to your own photos with one click. Try it now - Match™  runs directly in your browser.

Match by - Automatically match colors of any image or movie with ML | Product Hunt
"This is hands down one of the most powerful color grading tools out there."
3D LUT Extraction

Extract your own filters. From any image or movie.

Want to color match your favorite films or steal the look from your favorite Instagram photos? You don't have to buy any overpriced Lightroom presets that end up looking terrible on your own photos.

Match™  is a free color matching app that can copy colors from one image to another with a singe click and generate professional 3D LUTs to apply your looks to any footage in post production.

Presets? 🙄 Here's something better.
Match is so powerful you can recreate almost any preset automatically. How? Simple! Just go to any Lightroom-Preset-Pack marketing page, take some screenshots of the before and after images and match away. Just don't tell anyone you did that.
You can steal LUTs, Lightroom Presets, Power Grades, Filters and even the color palette from expensive paintings - all perfectly tailored to your images. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.
Artificial Intelligence Image Editing

AI Film Detect™

Match™  detects and emulates analog film and film-like, non-linear gamut pathways. For effortlessly stunning images and color grades.

Subtractive Color Science

Subtractive RGB

The power of Match™  is under the hood. The auto-smooth subtractive color model allows you to push colors to the extreme..

WebGL Logo

32-bit Ready

Everything in Match™  is built for extreme performance using the latest GPU acceleration tech. For great UX on desktop and mobile.

32-bit Float Processing

Pro Results. Without the Pro Experience.

Match™  creates pretty amazing color grades on autopilot. But that doesn't mean you're locked into the results - you can tweak away with professional, machine driven curves and shape the characteristics of your generated LUTs.

Hue based Variance Curve Adjustments for Color Grading with Artificial Intelligence


Color Variance is controlled with an auto-smoothing bezier spline that increases or decreases the amount of color preservation under the generated filter.

LAB Curves Luminance


The Luminance Spline is automatically generated to create the best possible contrast for your source image. The curve points can freely adjusted to shape lightness and contrast of the final look.

3D LUT Logo

3D LUT Export

As a Match Pro user you can export your generated filters as 3D LUTs. A 3D LUT is a special filter file that can be applied to images and videos in almost all desktop software.

Adobe Logos Davinci Resolve Logo 3D LUT Compatible Applications

Pricing. Free vs. Pro 👀

Match™  is free and free forever. You don't even have to sign up for our annoying newsletter to use it. We don't even have a newsletter. Because who cares, honestly? But anyways, Match is free. There are some (obviously amazing) features that require a Pro upgrade but do not worry! It's no subscription, it lasts for life and it has laser cannons. 🤞

Free - As in Free Will

Free  Forever 

Basic use of Match is completely free. No sign-up required. No annoying newsletter, no ads, no nothing. Say whaat?!

Color match unlimited, curated references from great photographers we select on Unsplash.
Access all built-in editing tools. Export as many JPG Images as you like. Quality is limited to 1080p and 75% compression but that's plenty for most use cases. You can always upgrade to Pro if you need more.

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Lifetime Deal - All Future Updates

Pro.  For Life.

Custom References - Load your own images to extract color from. Match remembers these so you can close the App and continue editing later.

3D LUT Export -
Use Match to generate filters that you can apply to images and videos in pretty much any post production software.

Uncompressed PNG Export - Free version is limited to JPG, with Pro you get HQ PNG. Useful for graphics with an alpha channel.

Progressive Web Application

Runs in the Browser. And as an App.

Match™  is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) - which means it has warp-speed because it's from the future. Seriously though PWAs are awesome. Match runs in your browser and can be installed as a standalone mobile app. Fire it up in Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge wherever you go. Also works really great in Internet Explorer 8 and Yandex Browser. No it doesn't.

Color Match films and images with Match by - Color Grading with Artificial Intelligence
PWA Logo - Launch as Web App

When you add Match™  to your home screen on iOS or Android you can launch it in fullscreen as a standalone app. Never worry about downloading or updating anything ever again. Once installed, your new PWA updates automatically in the background.

How to install Match as an App on iOS → QR Code

Scan this code to open Match™ on your phone. Make sure to use your devices default browser to install the PWA.

PWA Add to Home Screen slaps Davinci Resolve in the face. Hard.

Match™  vs Other Software™

Just because there are lots of Emojis on this page doesn't mean Match™ is not serious tech. When it comes to auto color matching, it easily outperforms most professional tools and applications like Adobe Photoshop and Davinci Resolve. Even on a phone. How? Magic. Sorry Other Software.  Please don't sue us!

Color Matching in Davinci Resolve vs Match by
Davinci Resolve Shot Match
Davinci Resolve Alternative - Shot Match by
Davinci Resolve Shot Match Feature for Color Grading automatically
AI Color Grading - Color Match generated by