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Match Colors of any Image or Movie.

Match™ is a free image color matching app that can copy colors of any image with one click. Use machine learning to create your own color grading presets and instantly change the color of your images with one powerful, simple-to-use web app that runs directly in your browser on

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Match by - Automatically match colors of any image or movie with ML | Product Hunt
"The results look so much better than Instagram or Photoshop filters!"

Extract Color. Export 3D LUTs.

You want to color match your favorite films or Instagram photos, but you don't have years of color grading experience?

Match™ is a free color matching app that can do the hard work for you . Use machine learning to copy colors from one image to another with a singe click and generate 3D LUTs to apply your looks to any footage in post production.

⚡ It's like Shazam for Colors.

With Match, you can quickly find the perfect colors for every project without having to spend hours looking through swatches or scrolling through endless lists of filters. It is the best way to estimate the tonality and color grade of any image or movie. It's like Shazam for colors! Whether you're grading your next film, creating images for social media, or just trying out some new ideas - Match makes it incredibly fun and easy!

Professional Curves. Fully Automatic.

Shape each color match with professional, machine driven curves to take full control of the generated LUT.


Color Variance controls the strength of source image colors under the Match LUT. The auto-smoothing bezier spline can be used to increase or decrease the amount of color preservation under the generated filter.


The Luminance Spline is automatically generated for each Match and trained to favour smoothness to create the best possible contrast for the source image. The generated curve points can freely adjusted to shape lightness and contrast of the final LUT.

Daft Punk Helmet Transparent

Simpler Better Faster Color.

Lots of tools and applications like Adobe Photoshop or Davinci Resolve have automatic color matching features. The idea is simple: You give the application a source image and a target image. Then you tell it to transfer the color from the target to the source image. The problem? It usually doesn't produce great results. So if you want to make a photo look like another photo you're going to have to put in lots of manual work - reverse engineer the tonality and the color grade, match the image contrast, brightness and saturation. The good news is that there's a better way. A much better way where you don't have to spend hours to match the colors of images and movies by hand.

Color Matching with Machine Learning.

Match by uses a machine learning model that is continuously being trained to intelligently estimate the color characteristics of images. These high level estimations are then used to drive low level color matching algorithms that iteratively create fully automatic color grades based on the reference images you feed into the app.

These superior multi-layered techniques give Match a significant advantage. Other applications match colors with a single method. Match by combines many of the best color transfer algorithms from thirty years of research and autonomously chooses the best methods for each pair of images. This opens up many new creative possibilities for color grading. Here are some ideas:

  • Color grade entirely with reference images
  • Make your shot look like a scene from The Joker
  • Create color filters that adapt to your images on the fly
  • Match shots taken at different times of day
  • Easily create day for night conversion LUTs
  • Imitate Blade Runner 2049 Color Grading without LUTs
  • Imitate the look of your favourite cinematographer
  • Make your film look like it was shot by Roger Deakins, because Roger Deakins is your favorite cinematographer.
  • Steal the color from Instagram posts that promote Lightroom presets. They even have before & afters - perfect!
  • Learn to stop worrying and love the LUT
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Progressive Web App

Match directly in your browser.

On any device.

Match is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) that works almost anywhere. When you add it to your home screen on iOS or Android it launches in full screen mode and is automatically updated.

* To install Match as a mobile app make sure to use the native browser of your device - Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android.
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