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Creative Color Grading at the speed of thought.

Match AI is a completely new approach to creative color grading that is packed with unique features and creative tools that help you create stunning color faster wherever you are.

Match AI by Color.io User Interface

Custom References PRO

Steal colors from any image.

Match AIcan extract colors from reference images to kickstart your creative grading process. And with the Pro version you can upload unlimited custom references to generate an infinite number of professional color grades.

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A hue bezier curve control interface in Match AI - a progressive web app for creative color gradingAn HSL spline user interface that can be used to shift the hue and lightness of colors with Match AI Color Grading AppA cubic spline control interface for luminance editing with Match AI Color Grading App

Color Grading Tools

Smart splines.

No learning curve.

Match AI does more than generate amazing grades on autopilot. With advanced smart curve controls, you’re always in charge of the grade. You can cycle through alternative suggestions, and manually edit suggested matches using precise tools you won't find anywhere else.

3D LUT Export Pro

Export unlimited 3D LUTs.

With the Pro version of Match AI you can use your AI generated color grades everywhere. With first class 3D LUT export you can apply the exact look generated by Match AI to your videos, photos and renders in all supported applications.

Logos of applications with 3D LUT support such as Adobe Photoshop, Davinci Resolve and Unreal Engine 5
A Color Grading App opened on an iPhone and a MacBook Pro

Installable Web App

Runs not only in your browser.

Use Match AI on all modern devices, desktop and mobile. Installable as a fullscreen Chrome App on Mac and PC, standalone app on iPhone, iPad and many Android phones and tablets. Tools and controls are fully optimized for touch, pen and mouse input.

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This lifetime deal unlocks every feature of Match AI for a simple one-time purchase. That means no recurring fees ever and all future updates are included.

Match AI Pro

Get lifetime access to every feature Match AI has to offer today, plus any updates we release in the future for a simple one-time price.

What's Included

Match Custom Reference Images

Built-in film detector & emulator

Installable standalone web app

Runs in all major browsers

Create and export 3D LUTs

Save high-quality images

Use on up to 3 devices

Includes all future updates

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Cinematographer and DP Jay Kipling on a film set with a RED Monstro camera
Jay Kipling DOP

Filmmaker / Cinematographer

"Been using Match AI extensively on a couple of projects now. It allows me to quickly establish the look I'm going for. I drop in a few film references and just the matching algorithm alone gets me 90% there. Also the fact that I can send LUTs to my colorist is a huge plus."

Photographer and Youtuber Daniel Lichten in his studio
Daniel Lichten

Photographer / Vlogger

"When I go out shooting I usually also record some video on location for my youtube channel. Match has made it super easy to keep my videos consistent with the RAW editing I do in Lightroom. I can pretty much copy the look with the click of a button in Match."

Portrait of Matte Painter and 3D Artist Benedict Jameson
Benedict Jameson

Matte Painter and 3D Artist

"I'm a painter and I take reference photos when out hiking. Match makes it super easy to keep a consistent palette and overlay the color scheme I want onto the piece I'm working on. I've also recently started using it to color grade my 3D renders to match my paintings. Results are so much better than what I could achieve with any other tool I've tried."

Designer Jenny Alvarez working at Warner Bros Design Studios
Jenny Alvarez

Warner Bros Design StudioS

"We spend a great deal of time defining the color palettes for our designs. We've been using Match for two things mainly. It allows us to quickly iterate on new color ideas based on images from our look-books and it allows us to perfectly integrate photos and videos into our treatments without breaking the palette. So this tool is just brilliant."

Frequently Asked

In case you missed anything.

What is Match AI?

Match AI is a web app for creative color grading. Unlike traditional color editing apps the concept of Match AI is to start grading by copying the color scheme from a reference image. As the name implies, Mach AI uses artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning to match the color scheme from your source image to the reference automatically. Match AI comes with many additional tools that allow you to manually adjust these automatic matches.

Is it an App or Software?

Great question! Match AI is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that runs on desktop and mobile devices directly in a web browser. It can also be installed like traditional, browser-less apps on iPhone, iPad, many Android devices and also runs as a standalone Chrome App on Mac and PC.  We've prepared easy installation instructions and a complete list of supported browsers and devices for you.

Can it edit videos?

The Pro version of Match AI can generate 3D LUTs which will allow you to apply the exact color grade you see inside the Match AI app to any video in every major video editing software. This is includes Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro and more. You can import your grades from Match AI if your editor supports 3D LUTs.

How do I get the latest updates?

Because Match AI is a PWA it always fetches the latest release when you launch it and stays updated automatically - no need for manual actions on your part.

Where can I get support?

You can connect with us directly from within the App. You can submit feedback, ask questions and file feature requests. Just open the main menu and click "Submit Feedback" or "Report a Problem".

Based on the amazing feedback we've been getting from our users, we've already published over 35 major updates since we launched Match AI in the summer of 2021!

Why is the price in EUR?

Because we are based in Germany!
As soon as you start the checkout process you will be able to preview the price in your native currency. Payment is securely handled by our partners at Stripe, Apple or PayPal and they will bill you in your native currency. Ist das nicht schön? (That's German for "Ain't that nice?")

Is there a device limit?

A single Pro license allows you to use Match AI on up to 3 devices at the same time. So you can install Match AI on your phone, your tablet and your laptop. When you sign in on a new additional device you will be prompted to sign out on another device - easy peasy. You can securely manage your sessions from anywhere via your Color.io Account.