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Become a Creator and join other creative minds just like you by making money from your passion. From creating tutorials to building thoughtfully designed presets and LUTs, you will earn cash for every paying customer you refer while helping to make the world a more colorful place! Affiliate Program Header image showing an iPad with the Match AI application for color grading and a sendowl dashboard

Become a Creator

Who can apply?

The Creator program welcomes applications from photographers, filmmakers, colorists, and other professionals with a passion for creativity, storytelling and color.

While anyone is free to apply, the selection process focuses on finding individuals who align closely with the brand values and ethos. You do not need to have a large following to apply; instead, we prioritize those who demonstrate a strong connection to our brand and products. Our goal is to build a diverse and dynamic team of collaborators who can genuinely represent through their unique creative voice.

What's in it for me?

Our aim is for you to inspire and educate others through your work. As a Creator, you gain complimentary access to our entire range of Pro tools. This allows you to seamlessly incorporate all features into your creative process and produce content that showcases your unique techniques and approaches.

What commission rate do you offer?

In addition to these resources, you will receive personalized referral links. These links enable you to earn a commission of 25% for each new customer you bring to

What about subscription payments?

When someone subscribes using your link, you'll receive a continuous 25% commission on all their subscription payments for as long as their subscription remains active.

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🤑 Earn Cash

Get payed whenever you send someone to and that user makes a purchase.

Earn 25% for each sale

Including subscriptions

30-days referral lifetime

Monthly PayPal Payouts