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VisionColor OSIRIS TM LUTs

Cinematic. Done right.

The essential cinematic film LUT collection including the M31 TM Cinema LUT - the world's most popular film look that has been used on over 40.000 film productions, trailers, music videos and high-end commercials.

VisionColor OSIRIS LUTs

Easy Cinematic Color Grading

Get the film look.

Easily achieve the organic quality of post-processed motion picture film. Extremely user friendly and easy to integrate into the software and workflows you already use.

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New All LUTs are now available for Lightroom & Camera Raw. Presets are included with every purchase.

What's included

The Most Popular LUTs in the World.

Even if you haven’t heard of the OSIRIS LUTs before - chances are you’ve seen them in action more than a few times. The looks that make up this collection have been used in A-list films and music videos, vlogs by some of the biggest influencers and prime-time commercials. And they are being used by tens of thousands of independent filmmakers around the world every single day because they make it easier than ever before to achieve professional cinematic results.

VisionColor M31 Cinema LUT
M31 TM Cinema LUT
VisionColor OSIRIS - Prismo Cinema LUT
VisionColor KDX Cinema LUT

Cinema LUTs

Your new secret weapons for cinematic color grading. These LUTs simulate a complete cinema color workflow: Negative emulation, photochemical processing, digital intermediate color grading and print film emulation - all in a single LUT.

Processed Film

Create a natural, yet indistinguishably cinematic palette. These LUTs emulate photochemically processed 500T motion picture film stock that has been used for Star Wars, The Dark Knight and many other movies.

VisionColor OSIRIS - Kodak Vision X Film Emulation LUT
Vision X LUT
VisionColor OSIRIS - Vision 4 Film Emulation LUT
Vision 4 LUT
VisionColor OSIRIS - Kodak Vision 6 Film Emulation LUT
Vision 6 LUT
VisionColor OSIRIS LUT - Delta Black and White Film Emulation
VisionColor OSIRIS - JUGO Finisher LUT
VisionColor OSIRIS - DK79 Finisher LUT

Finishing LUTs

Use these LUTs to give a sequence of shots cohesive, cinematic tones inspired by motion picture films. They’re all about unifying the shots in your film while preserving color integrity. Perfect for mixing in a final look after your main grade.

VisionColor OSIRIS LUTs Examples - movie screenshots with cinematic color grading

LOG and Rec709 LUTs

Optimized for your camera and workflow.

OSIRIS™ is optimized for color spaces of all current generation cameras by offering fine-tuned Rec709 and LOG calibrations. With these LUTs you’ll be able to create stunning images without having to spend hours grading your footage.

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Simple, No-Tricks Pricing

Commercial Lifetime License.

Get lifetime access to the OSIRIS LUTs with a license that covers everything and enables you to use the LUTs for personal and commercial projects. Whether you're grading your next short film or a multi-million dollar Netflix production - you're fully covered with a simple one-time-purchase.


The world's most popular cinematic film LUT, optimized for all cameras that record Rec709 or LOG video. Lifetime commercial license.

LUT Properties

M31 TM Cinema LUT

Teal & Orange Film Look

For all cameras - Rec709 and LOG

Lightroom Profile included

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The complete collection of easy to use cinematic film looks, including the original M31 Cinema LUT. Optimized for all current generation cameras that record Rec709 or LOG video. Includes Lightroom Presets for all LUTs.

Included LUTs


3 Processed Film LUTs (4, 6, X)

3 Finishing LUTs (DELTA, JUGO, DK79)

LUTs for all cameras + Lightroom Profiles

Hollywood LUT Bundle

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Every single LUT from VisionColor in one epic bundle, including the complete ImpulZ Film Library and Osiris cinematic film looks.

What's Included

Massive 3GB library of 2000 LUTs

Cineon Negative Emulations

ImpulZ 3-Step Workflow

4K Kodak 5219 Film Grain (MOV)

Complete ImpulZ Library

Complete Osiris Library

Save over 25%

For any camera and any app.

All LUTs, forever.
€ 99.99
Go Pro
No subscription. Yours forever.
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"The Osiris LUTs are popular for a reason. They work and are probably the closest thing to a magic bullet for cinematic color."
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"No other ready-made looks we've tried strike such a balance between deep, punchy colors and beautiful skin tones like the OSIRIS LUTs. These are definitely a must-have for cinematic color grading."

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"VisionColor LUTs are the real deal, and they were created with great care to achieve a very high level of accuracy across all cameras and grading platforms - better than any other LUTs we’ve used."

Graded with OSIRIS™

Here are some of our favorite examples of how filmmakers and cinematographers have used OSIRIS™ LUTs to create stunning cinematic visuals. The official VisionColor Vimeo Channel has thousands of additional examples for you to explore.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you missed anything.

How do I apply the LUTs to my footage?

Glad you asked! LUTs are an incredibly simple but very powerful tool that is supported by pretty much all editing and color grading software. Here are just some of the applications that can load the OSIRIS LUTs. Please refer to your host software's manual to learn how to apply LUTs. If you can't figure something out on your own our support team is always here to help!

Logos of software applications that support 3D LUTs such as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Final Cut Pro and Davinci Resolve

Will these LUTs work with my camera?

We wanted to make sure that the Osiris LUTs are compatible with a large number of cameras. That's why we're including two versions of every LUT in the collection - Rec709 and LOG.

Most consumer devices like DSLRs or system cameras record video in a format that is compatible with the Rec709 version of the LUTs. Professional video cameras often have the ability to encode video with a LOG signal. The included LOG LUTs can be used to color grade common LOG video formats such as Canon LOG, S-LOG 2/3, Panasonic V-LOG or Arri LOG-C. We also made sure that our LUTs are highly stable in their color transforms. This means you will be able to tweak your footage before or after the LUTs to fully customize the look without introducing artifacts.

Can the LUTs be used for photography work?

Absolutely. In fact, many of our users are photographers. For each LUT, we supply a matching photo preset that can be loaded directly inside of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW. The 3D LUTs can also be applied directly inside Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo and many other photo editing applications that support custom 3D LUTs.

Is there a resolution limit?

No. LUTs work with any resolution. It doesn't matter if you're shooting in 1080p, 4k or 12k - the color mappings provided by the OSIRIS LUTs maintain the same high degree of accuracy and color stability independent of image resolution.

How can I upgrade from M31 to OSIRIS?

Please sign in to your Account, go to your products and open the OSIRIS page. You will be able to upgrade your license from the single M31 Cinema LUT to the entire library. After you've upgraded you will be able to download the additional LUTs from that same page.

What LUT formats and sizes are included?

All OSIRIS LUTs are supplied as 32x32x32 CUBE files. This is the most widely supported 3D LUT format that can be loaded in most applications and devices that support LUTs. If you need another format simply reach out to our support and we'll handle the conversion for you.

Also included with every purchase are XMP files for Lightroom and Camera RAW.

How many devices can I use the LUTs on?

We want to give you complete freedom in your workflows. This is why a single license allows you to use these LUTs on as many devices as you personally own and operate. You can install the LUTs on compatible cameras, on-set monitors, your workstation or a laptop without ever having to worry about license keys etc.

When collaborating with others feel free to share the LUTs with your team on a per-project basis. All is good as long as you play it fair and don't make the files publicly accessible or resell similar products (LUT packages, presets) that are based on our work.

Can we use these LUTs for Game Development?

Most certainly. VisionColor LUTs have been used for pre-rendered cinematic sequences of multiple games for PS4 and other platforms in the past. Please note that the license sold on this page only covers pre-rendered sequences and you may not distribute any LUT files or derivatives with the source code of your game. If you need an extended license that allows embedding and redistribution please contact us for a quote.

Can i use the LUTs in color managed workflows?

For color managed workflows and full ACES and HDR compatibility check out our new LUT Creation and Film Emulation App which has been specifically created for professional and high-end cinema workflows. You can create your own film emulation LUTs and cinematic looks with the app - and everything is fully color managed.

Check out The app

What if the LUTs don't work for me?

If you tried the LUTs and you don't think they are a valuable asset in your color grading toolbox we got you covered. Please respond directly to the order confirmation email you got from us and request your refund within 14 days after purchase. Please let us know your constructive feedback as we're genuinely motivated to improve and create the absolute best products we can.