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Ideas and Suggestions

The feedback board in Color.io is for you to share thoughts and ideas you have about features and improvements. Color.io has always shaped its updates with the aid of user feedback and will continue to do so.

Please submit your ideas and suggestion or report bugs directly from within the app, as a signed in user. Click the hamburger icon in the top bar to reveal the feedback board.

Feedback board in Color.io app

How to get involved

Try these tips for getting the most out of Ideas & Suggestions.

  • Check if your suggestion has been shared before, and be sure to show your support for any existing post. You can simply leave a vote to signify how you feel about the suggestion, plus engage with other users in the comments.
  • Don't create huge posts with many suggestions. Instead, create a post for each of your individual ideas. This will help make it clear what users are voting for.
  • Keep the conversation going, even if a request is tagged as 'Not Planned’. I may reconsider the request if you can provide more insight into why you would like to see it in Color.io.

You are heard.

As you may or not know, all of Color.io is created by a single person, me, Jonathan. I write, design and code everything on my own. I personally read every thread that is posted and look into all the requests because I want to know about your experiences and what I can do to improve it. Once I decide where we stand with a request, I leave a response and tag the thread. Every update is aligned with the current roadmap. However, while developing an update I do go through Ideas & Suggestions to see what else fits. I can’t always fulfil the highest requests as some features take more time to develop than I have allocated for that particular update.

I know it can be disheartening to see your suggestion tagged as ‘Not Planned’. That doesn’t mean that I'm not listening, it just means that the feature doesn’t fit with the current roadmap and goals, or I don’t think it suits Color.io.

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