User Guide | Export Images & Create 3D LUTs

Export your work. is a web-based color grading and raw image development application that offers a powerful and flexible solution for photographers and filmmakers. One of the standout features of is its robust export capabilities, which allow users to port their color grades and images to third party applications and workflows. With, you can export individual images or perform batch exports. One of the key features of's export capabilities is the ability to generate 3D LUTs (Look Up Tables), which can be used to transfer your exact color grades from to videos, games and images in third party applications. Additionally, can also generate DCTL code, which is a scripting extension designed for Davinci Resolve, a popular professional video editing application. This makes it easy to incorporate into your existing workflow, and to ensure that your images look their best no matter what application you're using.

Export Images

To export a single image simply select it from your frames gallery so that the image is displayed in the main viewport. Then go to Export at the top right and choose the export resolution and format.

Export greyed out? Exporting anything requires you to sign in with your Account. Some export options require an active pro subscription to be enabled. Please see the app for details.

Batch Export Images allows you to batch-export multiple images you have loaded into a single scene. Simply select the images you want to export from the frame selector below the viewport and click "Export" in the top right. will now process your color grades in full resolution and export one image after the other. You might have to allow multi-file downloads by confirming a browser prompt.

Export not responding? Exporting many large images can take a while and your browser may freeze for up to a minute. Please allow some time for processing when batch exporting many large images.

Export 3D LUTs

A 3D LUT is a file that contains a universal mathematical representation of the color grades you create in LUTs can be easily shared and used across different software programs and platforms, making collaboration between different departments or post-production houses much easier. supports many LUT formats, including .cube, .3dl, and camera specific LUTs for Arri, Canon, Red, OpenColorIO and more.

To export a 3D LUT, select the scene that contains the color grade you want to export. Go to the "Export" menu, and in the "3D LUT" section, select the desired LUT format and specify the LUT size. 33x33x33 is usually sufficient but go with 64x64x64 and larger when you need the highest quality transforms. Click "Export" to save the 3D LUT.

Good to know: The 3D LUT Export feature only exports color transformations applied to the selected scene. Any non-color  adjustments like film halation and structural modifications like grain can not be stored in 3D lookup table files and will not be part of the exported look.