Photon 3D - LUT Snapshots

Working with

LUT Snapshots

3D LUT Snapshot interface system from Photon 3D creative color grading application

Photon has no layers or nodes but a LUT Snapshot System. Snapshots save the state of your grade in memory.

You can create Snapshots in 3 ways:

1. Manually take a snapshot of your current grade
2. Load an external LUT as a snapshot
3. Turn a previous grade from the history timeline into a snapshot

Manually take a snapshot

To manually take a snapshot of your current grade click on the camera icon in the Snapshot Panel on the bottom right hand side of the interface.

Photon 3D Color Grading User Interface - Snapshot Tool

Snapshots will appear in a list below the current grade. The number of snapshots you can take is only limited by your machines memory.

Load a LUT as a snapshot

You can import third party LUTs as snapshots via Photon's built-in LUT Library.

1. Open the Library from the main hamburger menu.
2. Select a LUT from the library. If you don't have any LUTs in your library import some LUTs first.
3. With a LUT selected click "Add as Snapshot".
4. Your LUT is imported into your snapshot list.

Photon 3D Color Grading User Interface - Import LUT as snapshot from 3D LUT Library

Take snapshots from history states (time-travel)

The history timeline below the preview image records all of your adjustments and allows you to go back over every single color transformation you've made. When you go back to a previous state you can either continue working from that state or take a snapshot that you can mix into your current grade.

Photon 3D Color Grading User Interface showing the history timeline and snapshot list

When going back in the history state without taking a snapshot, history will behave the usual Undo/Redo - meaning that making modifications will overwrite any future states.

LUT Mixing via Snapshots

3D LUT Mixing Interface Mockup - Photon 3D Color Grading Software by

Snapshots act as color state containers. They can contain states of LUTs you've created in Photon or they can contain LUTs imported from the library. When you select a snapshot from the list you can mix it into your current grade.

1. Select a snapshot from your list
2. Adjust the mix percentage
3. Click Apply to confirm your changes

Photon 3D User Interface for color grading - 3D LUT Mixer

You can combine multiple LUTs or custom grade states with each other by merging them into the current grade one after another. Every time you apply the mix, a new timeline entry is created so all of your states can be recovered and remixed later.

Photon 3D

Everything you've ever wanted from a color grading interface. See colors in all dimensions and manipulate the grade by shaping it like a 3D object. Photon 3D is standalone software for color grading and LUT editing with an optional OFX Plugin for Davinci Resolve that will revolutionize the way you work with color.