Photon 3D - LUT Editing

Edit existing 3D LUTs
Cinematic film emulation 3D LUT modified by Photon 3D color grading software

Just like creating your own color grades from scratch, Photon offers you the ability to import, inspect and edit existing 3D LUTs (lookup tables) using all of the transform tools and color ranges that are available in the application. To edit a LUT you you can simply drag and drop it into the application or import it from your library.

Import LUTs from Library

To help you get started, Photon automatically imports compatible LUTs from your installations of Adobe Photoshop and Davinci Resolve. Just like importing preview image folders into your media library, you can import entire LUT folders.

Import LUTs as Snapshots

Photon allows you to import LUTs as Snapshots. Snapshots are usually used to create memories of different stages of your grades which can be merged and even mixed back into your main grade later. You can import LUTs as snapshots by clicking on the plus (+) icon on a selected LUT in the LUT library:

Photon 3D Color Grading Software User interface showing LUT library with LUTs imported from Adobe Photoshop and Davinci Resolve

Editing LUTs

With a LUT imported you can start making changes to it. All of the transform tools and color ranges are available for you to work with. In fact, Photon makes absolutely no difference between a color grade you start from scratch and a LUT that has been imported into the application. Please see these separate lessons to learn how to make color manipulations in Photon:

Cinematic film emulation 3D LUT modified by Photon 3D color grading software

Photon 3D

Everything you've ever wanted from a color grading interface. See colors in all dimensions and manipulate the grade by shaping it like a 3D object. Photon 3D is standalone software for color grading and LUT editing with an optional OFX Plugin for Davinci Resolve that will revolutionize the way you work with color.