Photon 3D - Export

Export 3D LUTs and Images

In order to save your grading progress or to share your color grades with other applications you can click the Export button on the top right hand side of the application. The export window has a similar layout to the main interface with the image on the left and the 3D LUT on the right.

An Apple XDR monitor with Photon 3D Color Grading Software

Export 3D LUTs

Photon exports LUTs in the universal IRIDAS .cube format. This allows you to use your Photon grades in most grading, image and video editing applications.

Note that in order to export anything you must be signed in with your credentials.

Export Images

Click the Export button on the top right of the Photon interface. You will be able to save your current preview image with the resolution and file name of choice. Photon remembers your last saved locations and you can also save directly into your Media Library folder to re-use your image within Photon at a later point.

Export Color Masks

When you've made a custom color range selection in Photon you might want to export this selection as a mask into another application like Adobe Photoshop. To do this please follow these steps:

1. Make your custom color range selection
2. Make sure "White to Black" mode is selected by going to Settings -> Mask
3. Toggle the mask view on with the Mask Button next to the qualifier
4. Click Export and save the mask image.
5. Load the black and white mask into Photoshop as a Layer Mask

Photon 3D

Everything you've ever wanted from a color grading interface. See colors in all dimensions and manipulate the grade by shaping it like a 3D object. Photon 3D is standalone software for color grading and LUT editing with an optional OFX Plugin for Davinci Resolve that will revolutionize the way you work with color.