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Getting Started

Photon is a color editor that allows you to create advanced looks and filters for all kinds of media like photos, videos and games. Color Grading is done by simply painting on a preview image or by directly shaping the 3D color model at the heart of the application. When you open Photon, the first thing you'll want to do is import an image to preview the grade you will be working on:

To load preview images, simply drag and drop files directly onto the canvas area on the left hand side of the application. You can also load images by clicking on the hamburger ☰ icon on the top left to open the Media Library.

Good to know: Photon is a color grading tool and not an image editing software. So you can swap out preview images at any point and preview your grades on multiple shots without losing your progress.
Making Simple Adjustments

With a preview image loaded, the first thing you can try is simply clicking around on the image. This will place a marker on the preview and select the slice of the color you picked in the 3D shaper on the right. If you haven't made any other changes you're in global range mode so all colors will be affected when you click and drag on the image:

You probably notice several things happening to the image as you click and drag.

  • It becomes brighter as you move up
  • It becomes darker as you move down
  • It increases or decreases in saturation as you drag to the sides

This is the result of the "Lightness and Saturation" tool in "global" color range which are the application defaults. We will be looking at these different shaping tools and ranges in a separate lesson.

Lesson Summary: In Photon Standalone, Color Grades are previewed on still images. Images can be replaced at any point without losing grading progress. Grading is done by clicking and dragging on the preview image. Which parts of the color space are affected is determined by color ranges, how colors are modified is controlled by shaping tools.