Photon 3D LUT Editor & REsolve Plugin

A New Dimension of Color.

Everything you've ever wanted from a color grading interface. See colors in all dimensions and manipulate the grade by shaping it like a 3D object. Photon 3D is standalone software for color grading and LUT editing with an optional OFX Plugin for Davinci Resolve.

Photon 3D Color Grading Software Interface

True 3D Color Grading

Complete (3D) Color Control.

Effortlessly create stunning color grades with Photon's precise, user-friendly controls, driving a color engine that is visual and fully interactive. Not to mention, it looks pretty cool.

A guitar lying on a sofa in front of a sunlit window
Silhouette of a man against a teal backdrop. Color graded with Photon 3D Color Grading Software
Analog film photo of a girl sitting in her room at night. Image color graded with Match AI by
Cinematic night time photo of Time Square, NYC. Image color graded with Match AI by
Woman with an umbrella walking past a dark alley somewhere in Asia. Green tint color grading created with Photon 3D plugin for Davinci Resolve
Shot of an American street color graded with Photon 3D Color Grading Software
Portrait of a young woman staring intensely into the camera. Analog film photography shot on Cinestill 800T
Lomo photo of storefront somewhere in Asia
Analog film photo of people sitting in a bus. Color graded with Photon 3D Color Grading Software
Analog film photo of a CD shelf with music albums
Dimly lit tool shop or garage. Kodak Vision 3 film stock
A guitar lying on a sofa in front of a sunlit window
Young woman sitting in a car at night. Film screenshot color graded with Photon 3D Color Grading Software
Movie screenshot of a young woman is staring out of the backseat window of a red sportscar
Example of purple tint color grading and cinematic film emulation
Analog film photo of workers in a Taiwanese factory
Cinematically color graded shot of a woman walking into a subway station
A woman and a man staring at each other intensely in dramatic cinematic lighting. Image color graded with Match AI by
Movie screenshot of police officers in a police car. Cinematic color grading with Photon 3D Color Grading Software
Woman walking past a shopping window.
A young russian woman leaning against a red sports car. Image color graded with Match AI by
Retro film photo of a woman in a grocery store lit by overhead fluorescent lights
Movie screenshot of a parking garage. Image color graded with Match AI by
Analog film photo of London Subway shot on Kodak Vision 3 50D
Movie screenshot of a young woman is staring out of the backseat window of a red sportscar

3D LUT Editor

Visual 3D LUT Editor

& Mixer.

Everybody has a favorite LUT. The LUT that's just perfect. Except when it isn't.  Photon 3D enables you to import and edit your existing LUTs to make them uniquely yours. Effortlessly correct LUT artifacts and ensure your gamut transforms are smooth and stable.

A colorist working with color grading software at a control surface in a dark studio.
Photon Color Grading software interface showing before and after LOG grade of Wadi Rum Desert shot by Jonathan OchmannColor Mask interface of Photon Color Grading Software3D vectorscope color grading interface

Advanced Grading Features

Powerful tools.

Far beyond traditional color editing tools, Photon 3D ignites creativity with a powerful engine that offers powerful features like multi-dimensional smoothing. Virtually stabalize colors for deeper grades with less artifacts and more punch.

Movie screenshots and frame grabs with cinematic color grading and beautiful cinematography

3D LUT Export

Craft your own signature looks.

Photon is designed to give you the tools to create highly customized and refined 3D LUTs to establish your own signature looks beyond libraries and presets.
Our clients are using Photon to create cutting-edge color that is consistent across cameras, on-set monitors, during the edit and finally in the grade.

White transparent logos of companies like DJI, Netflix, Universal, Sony and MTV


No Subscription.
Updates included.

Get lifetime access to Photon 3D today, plus any updates we release in the future for a simple one-time price. Download the free trial if you want to take Photon for a spin before you buy.

Photon 3D

Apple logo white on transparent backgroundMicrosoft Windows Logo White on transparent background

Fully featured standalone software. A single license can be used on up to two devices at the same time.

What's Included

Create and edit 3D LUTs

Subscription-free license

Future updates included

Export unlimited 3D LUTs

Photon 3D Color Grading Software Logo

Photon 3D + Plugin

Open FX OFX Logo white on transparent background

Photon 3D standalone software with additional connector plugin for Davinci Resolve. Streams video from Resolve into Photon 3D and color from Photon back into Resolve.

What's Included

Complete Standalone Software

Connector Plugin for Davinci Resolve

Grade on live-video from Resolve

Multi-Node Support

All Access Bundle

Photon 3D Color Grading Software LogoVisionColor Icon Logo

Photon 3D and the Resolve Plugin are included in the All Access Bundle which combines the most cutting edge tools and software for creative color grading with industry standard LUTs and analog color science by VisionColor™. Save big on the complete color grading toolkit for modern workflows. Lifetime license and updates for all products.

What's Included

Photon 3D Standalone (Mac & PC)

Photon 3D Resolve Plugin

Match AI Neural Color Transfer App

ImpulZ 2.0 - Colorist Edition

VisionColor OSIRIS LUTs

Lifetime Access to all products

All Future Updates to all products

All products on up to 2 devices

Lifetime Deal
€ 299
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All included products
Portrait of Todd Blankenship Filmmaker and Cinematographer
Todd Blankenship

Filmmaker / Author At

"This new tool is actually mind-blowing. I’m a huge fan, and will absolutely be using it on many projects. The extremely tactile UI and tools inside Photon give me everything I need to start making my own LUTs for every project. "

Cinematographer and DP Jay Kipling on a film set with a RED Monstro camera
Jay Kipling

Filmmaker / Editor

"Photon has allowed me to create a refined library of look and utility LUTs that I now use on all projects. The smoothing feature has been incredibly useful to remove artifacts from old LUTs that my clients love but I just couldn't correct with other tools. "

Director of Photography Steve Tanaka shooting on a film set
Steven Tanaka DOP

Director of PHotography

"Photon has become an invaluable asset on our sets. We often decide on a particular look in preproduction but we always adapt our stock LUTs to the lighting of the scene so the director can get a better idea of the final grade. It's just so much quicker to do this in Photon. It feels more like virtual re-lighting than color grading and I love that about it."

Portrait of Chris Beck, Senior Colorist at FoxPost
Chris T. Beck

Senior colorist at Foxpost

"Photon's 3D color distribution instantly felt familiar and it's spatial approach to grading has made tedious tasks like hue vector compression so much more convenient. Seeing color transforms distributed in 3D space gives me a much more complete picture of the grade than traditional scopes - it is a real game changer."

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you missed anything.

What is Photon 3D?

Glad you asked! Photon 3D is standalone software that you can use to create and edit your own 3D LUTs for color grading. Here's a quick introduction that will get you up to speed.

Photon has been designed to make many traditional color grading tasks a lot simpler without compromising on functionality. It does this by visualizing color in its natural, three-dimensional state. Color grading is done by "painting" on a preview image or by directly shaping a 3D color model. As you click and drag, Photon adjusts this 3D model to reflect your intended adjustments. The color shapes you create can be exported as 3D LUTs into many other software applications for editing and post production as well as on-set monitors and cameras.

How does it work?

We've put together a tutorial page with an ever growing collection of lessons that will get you up to speed in no time. Photon 3D is easy to learn and an incredibly powerful asset in every colorists tool box. We're here to help you master the software to get the most out of it!

Explore Tutorials

Can it be used for Photography?

Absolutely. In fact, many of our users are photographers who are using Photon to create custom LUTs for use in Adobe Photoshop, Darktable, Affinity Photo, Lightroom (via XMPs) and more. While Photon is not a RAW processor, its unique color manipulation and LUT editing tools are a powerful extension to any photo editing software that doesn't come with advanced 3D color visualization and deep gamut shaping tools.

Can it edit videos?

To stream a video signal into Photon, the OFX Connector plugin is required. The plugin creates a hardware-accelerated tunnel from a Davinci Resolve node to Photon so you can preview and actively color grade on live-video. The OFX plugin interface fetches the Photon grade and renders it back into Resolve. Photon supports all the same resolutions and video formats (including RAW) that are supported by Davinci Resolve.

How do I upgrade from Standalone to OFX?

Please sign in to your Account, go to your products and open the Photon page. You will be able to upgrade your license from the standalone version to include the OFX plugin. After you've upgraded you will be able to download the plugin from the same page.

What image formats are supported for preview?

For high quality previews, the standalone version of Photon currently supports JPG, PNG and TIFF images with up to 32 bits per channel. With the OFX plugin, Photon virtually supports all image and video formats (including RAW) that are supported by Davinci Resolve.

What LUT formats and sizes are supported?

Photon can read and write the most widely supported IRIDAS Cube 3D LUT format as well as a proprietary CIO LUT format. Supported patch densities are 15x15x15, 33x33x33 and 64x64x64.

How do I update to the latest version?

Photon self-updates automatically. When you start the application it fetches the latest release in the background and notifies you when an update is available. You can manually check for updates by going to the user menu and clicking on 'Check for Updates'.

How many devices can I install Photon on?

A single Photon license can be used on up to 2 devices (Mac or PC) at the same time. When you migrate to a different device you can easily sign out of your old device even if you can no longer access it. You can remotely mange your device sessions in your browser with your Account.