Radically simplified Color Grading.
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The next dimension of color is here.

A revolutionary 3D color tool for unlimited new possibilities.

Photon™ is a revolutionary color grading software and plugin that makes even the most complex color transformations tangible and intuitive.
It packs innovative color science, a ground breaking, interactive 3D color engine and next generation tools for unprecedented color control to create stunning, professional looks in less time than ever before.

Export 3D LUTs directly into all compatible applications:

A color engine you can touch.

Create impossible looks by directly shaping a 3D color model that has been purpose-built for the high demands of modern grading. The color engine that is powering Photon™ under the hood is brought to light as a fully interactive 3D Color Shaper that renders your grade from every angle.

Photon™ allows you to shape every aspect of this proprietary color model while automatically maintaining the highest transform stability and color smoothness to create unimaginable new looks.

Photon 3D Color Grading Interface

Export your grades into any application.

Export LUTs into any compatible application to use your Photon grades in Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, Luminar, Affinity and more.

Photon 3D Color Grading LUT Export
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Massively parallel.

Photon™ is built like a modern game engine and renders millions of polygons for accurate 3D point cloud visualization and simultaneous grade feedback without breaking a sweat. Hardware optimized for 60 FPS realtime - no matter how many adjustments you make.

Smooth. By default.

Photon™ comes with proprietary color science that has been designed specifically for creative color grading. The geometric properties of the color model aid perceptual smoothness and color coalescence - for best in class transform stability and color interpolation.

3D LUTs - Evolved.

Photon™ is the first tool to visually build, edit, smooth and combine industry standard LUTs with advanced 3D algorithms and shaping tools. You read that right. You can finally look inside your favorite LUTs with powerful virtualization and tweak them in ways never before possible.

System Requirements

Windows 10 or macOS 10.13 High Sierra (or later)
Processor: 64-Bit processor with two cores
GPU: OpenGL 3.2 and OpenCL 1.2 compatible GPU with 2 GB dedicated VRAM
Monitor: Resolution of 1920 x 1080 or higher

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