Earn Money through our affiliate program

Earn commissions up to 20% for every paying customer you refer to our products. Build your passive income by sharing the color grading tools you love and help us on our mission to make the world more colorful!

Color.io Affiliate Program - Earn money by promoting our color grading apps, LUTs and products
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Getting Started

The Color.io Affiliate Program allows you to earn attractive commissions after converted referrals. That means you get payed whenever you send someone to our apps or products and that user makes a purchase. If the user doesn't purchase right away that's no problem - we keep track of each referral for 30 days to make sure you get what you deserve.

  • Promote our brand, apps or products - including VisionColor, Photon, Match and more
  • Get payed between 10% and 20% of each purchase (commission depends on product)
  • Joining the Color.io Affiliate Program is free, easy and it pays!
1. Sign Up

Sign up on our partner website to join the program. It only takes a minute or two. Make sure to bookmark the Dashboard page so you can track your sales in real-time later!

2. Say Hi

Don't forget to send us an email and tell us how you're going to promote our apps and products. We really care about our Affiliates and can't wait to hear from you. This is a great point to introduce yourself and ask any questions you might have. If you are an influencer with a larger audience we are more than happy to create discount codes for them!

3. Generate Links

Create as many affiliate links from your Dashboard as you like. You can promote individual products, our entire brand or sub-brands. We have links for everything. Share the links with your audience and tell them why you love working with our products. And remember - Always optimise based on what converts best!

4. Start Earning 🤑

As soon as your links start converting customers you will be credited with your referral commission. You can track your sales in real-time in your SendOwl Dashboard and get ready for your next payout. Our affiliate program is build for everyone and we truly want you to succeed. There is no limit on the passive income you can generate. You grow, we grow. It's that simple.


Send us an email to sales@color.io and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!